I am a young ambitious businessman, born in Berkely California & raised in poverty by hardworking parents that still struggled to keep up with the bills. My entrepreneurship came from my family, my dad owned 2 small businesses & of course I helped, I liked it. At age 9, my dad bought me Mexico Flags at 1$ each, I sold them for 10$ I made 300$ selling them on the street during Cinco de Mayo. I was so excited I wanted to save it but I couldn't resist, after a few weeks, I got some Gameboy games (who wouldn't?) He let me know how you have to put in money (& hard work) to earn more money. As a kid, I wanted to own a Toys R Us so I can be able to to make money & play with the toys, haha. Now I have other business plans that I will fulfill. My designing interest came from me being very creative as a kid, I would love arts & crafts & drawing, I also liked to decorate the house for Christmas & putting colors & designs that will fit best together. At age 12, I got my first touch device, an iPod touch 4. I started using apps to edit photos & I liked it. A couple years later when I turned 14, I got my 1st laptop & I started learning Adobe Photoshop & soon every other program I use now, such as Illustrator, Gimp, Cinema 4d, Sony Vegas & After Effects. I also liked to take pictures with my iPod & phone & then edit them, so years later I bought myself a mirrorless 4k camera & of course, I taught myself how to code websites along the way, which is how I made this one :)