General Questions:

I have been taking photos/videos & editing them for about 5 years now.
No, this is depending on the style.
I have a photographer friend but he will not be riding along to the photo shoots.
I use the Adobe suite, mainly Photoshop.
Yes! I can also edit them, I use my mirrorless camera & I also have 2 action cameras.
18, almost 19, & yes I get it I look younger ಠ_ಠ

Other Questions:

Sometimes, depends on the photos or model's liking.
As many as we take or as many as needed, usually you can pick the best ones & I will give them to you.
Usually the same day, photos that require editing will be longer.
Yes, you as the model can use them any way you like as long as you give appropriate credit when needed.
If you want them, of course!

Latest Projects

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