My styles

About my photography styles

I have 3 main styles: natural, candid, & dark/mysterious

Natural The classic style, meaning they have little to no editing (usually just a blurred background).

Candid None edited images of the person (usually women), usually taken with out their permission / not knowing they are being photographed, gives it a more real life feel knowing it was taken without any posing.

Dark/mysterious My most creative style, images are edited & turned into dark / mysterious masterpieces, some have a meaning behind it, some not so much, it's up to you to decide what they mean to you :)

How do I work?

About the way I work

The main way is collaboration, meaning it's free! You keep the photographs & so do I, you have access to use them any way you like as long as you give credit! I also have access to use them any way I want, & I will let people know who the model is. These sessions can go 2 ways: just get the shots & continue our separate ways, or if the time is available, we can spend the day together, we'll go out to eat, adventure, etc.. my treat :)

If it's a fashion shoot using my clothing brand, it goes the same way, as a bonus you get to keep the clothing!

If it's a Peachy Network shoot, you will get paid per hour, have access to use the shots, & you will be credited as being the model.

If the photography session is professional such as for a company, wedding, party, event etc.. then I charge. You can view the pricing below.

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